Eric Lauer Over 1.5 Walks is the Play of The Day on PrizePicks and on books. This play was jumping at me today to take the over. Lauer has been a walk heavy pitcher all year long. When he usually gets his walks they are early in the game. In the last 10 games Lauer has hit 8/L10 on the over 1.5 walks. Today he's facing the Reds on the road. What also helps Lauer in this spot to hit the over is that he's worse on the road this year walking 31 in 78 innings. 

The Reds aren't the greatest team when it comes to walks, but they have been walking a lot more in the last couple of weeks. There are about 3 hitters in their lineup that have above a walk rate of 8% or higher. Last time Lauer faced the Reds he walked 3 hitters and it came in the first 3 innings. The Reds lineup is a good mix between righties and lefties, so Lauer will have a great day trying to max around these hitters. Like earlier talked about how bad Lauer has been this year walking hitters, his walk rate is at 8.6% which is a poor number to be at. Even not looking at the walks side of things he has poor percentages all around. Another thing with Lauer is that he's more of a vertical pitcher. What I mean by vertical is that all of his pitches he throws are going to have the up to down movement. If anything the one pitch that is more horizontal is his cutter. For today looking at this prop really close today love the over 1.5 walks, and look for it to hit in the first 3 innings.