Pick 1: Goal scored in both halves - YES (1.70 at Unibet)

First of all, I'll just quickly thank everyone for congratulations on winning the previous competition, it's very nice to have the 2nd goat next to my name. Now is the time to defend the title.

You didn't expect to bet on Finnish football today, did you? Well, we are going for it. 

HJK started new season after getting 2nd place last season behind KuPS, and they started well. Currently at 2nd place with 15 points in 6 games they're aiming to win the league after falling short last season due to the goal difference. 

Despite winning 5 out of 6 games, they started their season slow, as they won 4 games with 1-0 score, so their results aren't doing us a favor here on this pick, but they faced stronger teams than Ilves so I expect them to step up today and show their offensive abilities as well.

On the other side, Ilves are currently 5th with 7 points. They also started their season slow losing 2 games, but then picked up pace with a draw and 2 wins in last 3 matches. Interesting fact is that Ilves has seen goals scored in both halves in all 5 games!

HJK 1st half goals stats (averages):

  1. 0.8 goals
  2. 0.6 goals scored in
  3. 0.2 goals conceded
  4. 80% clean sheet
  5. 40% failed to score
  6. 60% over 0.5

Ilves 1st half goal stats (averages):

  1. 2.4 average goals
  2. 1 goal scored
  3. 1.4 goals conceded
  4. 0% clean sheet
  5. 20% failed to score
  6. 100% over 0.5

HJK 2nd half goal stats (averages):

  1. 1.2 goals
  2. 0.6 goals scored
  3. 0.6 goals conceded
  4. 80% clean sheet
  5. 40% failed to score
  6. 80% over 0.5 goals

Ilves 2nd half goal stats (averages):

  1. 1.4 goals
  2. 1 goal scored
  3. 0.4 goals conceded
  4. 60% clean sheet
  5. 40% failed to score
  6. 80% over 0.5 goals

I think this is a great bet right now. Stats may be deceiving, but their H2H history also supports this match. Locking this one in!

Good luck!

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