In the upcoming face-off between Golden State and Oklahoma City, Draymond Green's performance from beyond the arc is a smart pick for over 0.5 three points made.

There's an undeniable buzz surrounding the NBA matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City. And while everyone's eyes are on the usual stars, there's a dark horse that savvy bettors are eyeing: Draymond Green and his three-point prowess.

Sure, the Warriors have had a rough patch and are currently under .500 with a 10-11 record. However, if we zoom into the performance of Draymond Green, a more promising narrative emerges. Green's three-point stats have been quietly making waves, and it's time to dive deeper into this under-the-radar trend.

Just look at his season stats: Green is averaging 0.53 three-pointers made this season. And these numbers slightly increase to 0.57 when playing at home. Even on the road, he's been solid, averaging 0.49 three-pointers. Admittedly, he's had more games with less than 0.5 three-pointers made (48 games) than with more (37 games). However, when we focus on recent performance, a potential opportunity emerges.

Over the last 20 games, Green's average has dipped slightly to 0.4 three-pointers made per game, but he's still managed to break the 0.5 threshold in eight games. And in the last 10 games? The same average holds, but he's exceeded 0.5 in four games. In the most recent five games, he's still averaging 0.4 and has gone over 0.5 in two games. While it may appear that he's trending down, it's important to keep in mind the volatility of game-by-game performance.


But here's the kicker: when facing Oklahoma City, Green's average jumps to 0.5 three-pointers made per game. This might seem like a small jump, but in the world of betting, these margins can make all the difference. 

It's also worth mentioning that the Warriors have been slowly but steadily falling down the Western Conference standings over the last 10 games. They've lost six games over that stretch, and hold a poor 10-11 record which is a far cry from the level expected of them. This could be the perfect storm for Green to step up and deliver, especially from beyond the arc.

This isn't to say that Green will rain threes in the upcoming game. But based on his past performances and current trends, there's a strong chance that he could go over 0.5 threes. And in the world of sports betting, where we're playing a game of probabilities and odds, this is a bet that holds promise.

So, as you prepare for the upcoming NBA game between Oklahoma City and Golden State, don't sleep on Draymond Green's three-point game. Betting on him to go over 0.5 three-pointers made against the Thunder is a move that could pay off nicely. After all, in a game of inches and seconds, sometimes the most unlikely heroes make the biggest splash.