It's time to bank on Yanni Gourde's propensity for netting shots on goal, as he's been consistently beating the line of 1.5, especially in the recent games.

Ladies and gents, if you're looking for some thrilling NHL action and want to get in on the betting game, we've got a hot tip for you. Buckle up and get ready to ride the wave with Yanni Gourde - a player who's been making significant waves in the NHL this season.

Yanni Gourde, the man, the myth, the legend. This season, he's been an absolute machine, averaging 1.75 shots on goal. But wait, there's more. When the comfort of home is on his side, this number slightly increases to an average of 1.81 shots per game. On the road? He's not far behind, with an average of 1.69. Now that's what we call consistency!

But let's not just talk about averages. Let's talk about games. Out of 95 games this season, Gourde has had more than 1.5 shots on goal in 50 of them. That's a solid over 50% record of going over the line. But here's where it gets interesting. In the last 20 games, Gourde has gone over that 1.5 line in 10 games, maintaining his overall season record.


Still not convinced? Let's dig deeper. Over the last ten games, Gourde has been on fire, averaging 1.9 shots on goal, and going over that 1.5 line in six games. The last five games? Even better! He's averaging a whopping 2.2 shots on goal, and has beaten that 1.5 line in four games. 

The data doesn't lie, folks. Gourde is trending upwards and shows no sign of slowing down. So, when Gourde faces off against New Jersey, a team against which he's averaged only 1.0 shots on goal in two games, we can expect a turn of the tide.

Why? Because history is just that, history. What matters is the present, and right now, Yanni Gourde is in form. He's got the momentum, he's got the drive, and he's got the numbers to back it all up.

We're not saying it's a sure thing. There are no sure things in sports. But based on the stats, the trends, and Gourde's recent form, we're going with the over on Yanni Gourde's prop of 1.5 shots on goal against New Jersey. Because sometimes, you've got to ride the hot hand, and right now, that hand belongs to Yanni Gourde. So let's jump on this train before it leaves the station. All aboard the Yanni Gourde hype train!