Betting big on Jordan Martinook clearing 1.5 shots on goal in the upcoming NHL game could be a smart play, given his solid performance this season.

So far this season, Martinook's putting up some solid shots on goal numbers. He's averaging 2.5 shots on goal, and this figure only rises when we look at away games, where he's averaging 2.8. He's not just consistent; he's consistently good, clearing the line of 1.5 shots on goal in 19 out of 23 games this season. 

When you look closer at his performance on the road, he's managed to clear this line in 11 consecutive away games. That's a straight-up streak that can't be ignored. This trend shows that Martinook isn't just a flash in the pan. Now, let's zoom in a bit more. He hasn't cleared this in just ONE away game this season. He is 11/12 and averages 3.1 shots/game in his last 10 road games. 

It's clear that Martinook is not just maintaining his performance; he's improving it. This upward trajectory is crucial to consider when making your picks because it signals that he's likely to continue this streak in the coming games. 

Looking at these numbers, it's hard not to get excited about the potential of Martinook clearing that 1.5 shots on goal line once again. He's been doing it with ease this year and shows no signs of slowing down. 

While we can't predict the future, the data we have suggests that Martinook is a strong pick. So, as you sit down to watch the upcoming NHL game between WPG and Carolina, keep your eye on Jordan Martinook. You will likely see him clear that 1.5 shots on goal line once again. 

Remember, sports betting isn't about surefire outcomes; it's about playing the odds. And right now, the odds are looking pretty good for Jordan Martinook.