Minnesota's Anthony Edwards is ready to light up the assists column when the Timberwolves take on Oklahoma City, making the over on his 4.5 assists line a tempting choice. 

As the Timberwolves get ready to tango with Oklahoma City, all eyes are on Anthony Edwards, Minnesota's dynamic guard. Sure, he may be known for his scoring prowess, but here's a hot take for you: Edwards' assist numbers are about to explode in their upcoming game, and the stats back it up.

Let's start with some cold, hard numbers. Edwards is averaging 5.3 assists this season—not too shabby for a guy known more for his scoring than his passing. But here's where things get interesting. When playing at home, Edwards' assist average bumps up to 5.8 and he’s gone over the 4.5 mark in 7 of 8 home games this season. That's a crucial point to consider given that the Timberwolves are hosting this game. 

Digging into the numbers more, Edwards has chalked up more than 4.5 assists in 14 of the last 20 games with a 5.25 average. The recent numbers are even more promising. Over the last 10 games, he's averaged 5.5 assists, with 7 of those games seeing him dish out more than 4.5 assists. In the last 5 games, his average has been at 5.4 with 4 of those games over the 4.5 threshold and he’s currently on a 4 game streak going over 4.5 assists. The trend is clear and the arrow is pointing up.

But here's the kicker: In his last 2 games against Oklahoma City, Edwards' assist average skyrockets to 6.5! That's right, against this very team, Edwards turns into a veritable dime-dropper. But why is that? Well, it turns out the Thunder are the fifth-worst team in the league this season when it comes to defending assists against shooting guards, the very position Edwards plays. That's a glaring weakness that Edwards will be looking to exploit.

So, with Edwards' assist numbers trending up lately, and considering the Timberwolves' soft defense against his position, taking the over on his 4.5 assists line is a solid pick. Given the data and the matchup, it's a bet that makes sense. In the end, it's a game of numbers, trends, and matchups. And right now, all of those are aligning perfectly for Edwards to have a big night in the assists column against Oklahoma City. So if you're looking for an edge in your sports betting, consider going with Anthony Edwards to dish out more than 4.5 assists. The numbers, the trends, and the matchup all say it's a good bet. Don't sleep on this one, folks. It’s time to lock this bad boy up and CASH OUT!

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