Quinn Hughes' recent transformation into a shooting machine makes him a strong pick for the over on Shots On Goal in the upcoming Canucks vs. Predators showdown. 

As we gear up for the clash between the Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predators, one player you definitely want to have on your radar is none other than Quinn Hughes. This isn't just about his exceptional; we're talking about his newfound proclivity for shooting. Hughes is changing the game, and it's time we change our bets.

The stats are clear. Hughes is averaging 3.4 shots on goal this season, an impressive step up from last year where he averaged just 1.97 shots per game. It's not just about averages though. Looking deeper into the numbers, Hughes has managed to have more than 2.5 shots on goal in 7 out of 8 games this season. This year Hughes has looked like a much different player. He has always been a very offensively talented defenseman but  was always known for his great passing and playmaking, this season he has been much less reluctant to pull the trigger. He already has 3 goals through 8 games, last year he recorded just 7 goals all season. 

As the Canucks' power play quarterback, he’s become one of the most effective shooters from the blueline in the entire league. Hughes has made it clear this season that he's on a mission. He’s already up to 27 shots, with an average of 3.4 per game. That's a whopping 175% increase over his shooting rate from last season. And a good chunk of these shots are coming at even-strength, showing Hughes isn’t relying on the power play for the majority of his chances.

His improved shooting skills make both him and the Canucks a far more dangerous entity for opponents to contend with, especially the Nashville Predators in the upcoming game.

Remember, sports betting is not about making 'safe bets' or looking for 'guarantees'. It's about understanding the game, the player, and the stats. And right now, all the numbers are pointing towards Hughes. So, let's ride the wave, folks. This is not just a shot in the dark, it's a shot on goal. And in Hughes' case, it's likely to be more than 2.5.

Official Play: Quinn Hughes o2.5 SOG (+104) 1u