With the Broncos' defense struggling, Patrick Mahomes is primed to surpass the 2.5 passing touchdowns line in the upcoming NFL Thursday Night Football. 

Thursday night lights are shining bright on Arrowhead Stadium, and all eyes are on one man - Patrick Mahomes. The two-time NFL MVP and five-time Pro Bowler is set to take the center stage against the Denver Broncos, a team he’s had quite a remarkable record against. One might say he’s got the Broncos on a leash, with 15 straight victories, 11 of those at the helm.

As we gear up for this AFC West showdown, the stats are painting an interesting picture. Mahomes has been anything but average this season, with an impressive 2.37 passing touchdowns per game. But hold up, it gets better. When it comes to home games, Mahomes is dropping dimes with an average of 2.3 passing touchdowns. On the road? Even more dangerous, averaging 2.44 passing touchdowns.

Now, let's talk about Mahomes' performance against the Broncos. This guy is no joke; he's averaging three passing touchdowns against Denver, giving us every reason to believe he's going to light up the Broncos' defense.

But here's the kicker - the Broncos' defense is in a tailspin. They're struggling to keep teams out of the endzone and failing to put the brakes on opposing offenses. This could be a field day for Mahomes, who is a pro at exploiting weak defenses.

So, if you’re looking for a good prop bet tomorrow, the over on Patrick Mahomes' passing touchdowns seems like a solid play. The Broncos' defense has been more generous than a billionaire at a charity gala, and Mahomes, with his live arm and knack for big plays, is set to take advantage.

In this game of inches and yards, it's the smallest details that can make the biggest difference. Mahomes' ability to exploit Denver's defensive weaknesses, his historical performance against the Broncos, and his current season stats all suggest he's set to go big on Thursday night.

So, buckle up, sports fans. We're in for a high-flying show at Arrowhead Stadium. This one could be a touchdown bonanza, courtesy of Patrick Mahomes.