Despite his undeniable talent, Jalen Hurts' recent performance trend suggests he's unlikely to surpass the 235.5 passing yards line in the upcoming clash against Tampa Bay.

Buccaneer warning flags are flying for Jalen Hurts' passing game, as the Philadelphia Eagles gear up for their Monday night matchup in Raymond James Stadium. With Hurts’ passing yard average on a bit of a downward spiral, taking the under on the 235.5 line looks like a tempting play.

Hurts has been a bit of a paradox this season. He's proven himself capable of putting up some impressive numbers on the road, averaging 255.29 passing yards. But inconsistency is the name of the game with Hurts, and it's this erratic performance that's got us favoring the under for his passing yards in the upcoming game.

Looking at the season as a whole, Hurts' passing yard average stands at 233.88. But dig a little deeper and you'll see that he's had more games falling short of the 235.5 line than surpassing it. In fact, he's only managed to cross the line in 8 out of 17 games. That's less than half, sportos.

More recently, his performance has been on a steady decline. Over the last 10 games, he's averaged just 217.7 passing yards, and in the last 5 games, that number has dipped even further to 207.2. It's clear that the passing game isn't jelling as it should be. Hurts' inability to get rid of the ball quicker has resulted in him being sacked seven times in two games – a marked increase from last season.

The upcoming matchup isn't going to make things any easier for Hurts. He's had limited success against the Buccaneers in the past, and his performance in their previous encounters doesn't exactly inspire confidence. In the regular season game, he managed just 115 yards with one touchdown and one interception. His stats improved in the wildcard playoff round, but were still far from impressive.

The Eagles' quarterback will need to turn things around quickly if he wants to meet the high Super Bowl expectations of the Eagles fan base. But with the Buccaneers' formidable defensive line and his recent performance stats, our money is on the under for his passing yard line.

The game of football is unpredictable, and Hurts could very well prove us wrong. But for now, based on the data and his recent performance, it seems more likely that he'll continue his current trend. So, for those of you looking to place a bet on the upcoming Eagles vs Buccaneers game, the under on Jalen Hurts' passing yards looks like a hot bet. But remember, in the world of sports betting, there are no guarantees. It's all about playing the odds and making informed decisions. Happy betting!