Atlanta's Spencer Strider is a strikeout machine, making the over on 8.5 strikeouts tonight a bet worth taking.

With the upcoming MLB prime time game between the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies, all eyes are on Spencer Strider and his ability to rack up strikeouts. The line for Strider's pitching strikeouts is set at 8.5, and if you're considering taking the over, you're in the right place. Here's why Strider's strikeout prowess makes the over a solid bet.

First off, let's take a look at Strider's season stats. Averaging 9.7 strikeouts per game, he's been lighting up the scoreboard and making batters look foolish. When breaking down his home and away performances, Strider averages 10.4 strikeouts at home and 9.0 on the road, showing that he's consistently able to retire batters regardless of the venue. Tonight’s game is at home so that makes me like this pick even more. 

Diving deeper into his performances this season, Strider has had more than 8.5 strikeouts in 8 games and less than 8.5 in only 2 games. This consistency in achieving high strikeout numbers is a testament to his skill on the mound and should instill confidence in those looking to take the over on 8.5 strikeouts tonight.

When examining his performances over different stretches, Strider's numbers remain very impressive. Over the last 20 games, he's averaging 9.7 strikeouts, with more than 8.5 strikeouts in 8 games. In his last 10 games, he's maintained that 9.7 strikeout average and also recorded more than 8.5 strikeouts in 8 games. Even over his last 5 games, Strider's average sits at 9.6 strikeouts, with more than 8.5 strikeouts in 3 games.

Strider's consistent ability to rack up strikeouts throughout the season and across different stretches of games demonstrates that he's more than capable of surpassing that 8.5 strikeout mark tonight.

Another factor to consider is the Phillies' lineup. They struck out a whopping 15 times last night which shows their vulnerability to the K factor.  Also they average 9.4 strikeouts on the road so they are pretty free swinging as the visiting team. Additionally, the Braves' solid defense should provide Strider with the necessary support to keep the Phillies' bats at bay.

Spencer Strider's season-long strikeout success, combined with his performance in recent games, make the over on 8.5 a solid bet. The numbers don’t lie and Strider's ability to retire batters strongly suggest that he has a great chance of crossing that 8.5 strikeout threshold against the Phillies. Let’s lock it in and CASH OUT!

Pick: Spencer Strider Over 8.5 K’s (-145)