All signs point to a strong performance by Bryce Miller in the upcoming Seattle vs. Oakland game, confidently backing the under 4.5 hits allowed. 

Ya boy JP turns his attention to a matchup between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics. One of the key factors in this game will be the performance of the rookie sensation Bryce Miller, a pitcher who's been making waves with his ability to limit hits. Let’s dive into the numbers and trends that support my belief that Bryce Miller is the real deal and why I’m confidently picking the under 4.5 for his pitching - hits allowed.

To understand why I have such confidence in Miller's performance, let's first take a look at his season stats. Bryce Miller is averaging 2.75 hits allowed this season. Breaking it down further, he's averaging 2.0 hits allowed at home and 3.0 hits allowed on the road. Miller just happens to be pitching at home tonight. It's clear though that Miller has been consistently keeping the hits to a minimum, regardless of the venue.

Miller hasn't allowed more than 4.5 hits in any of his starts this season. With such consistent performances, it's no wonder Miller has caught the attention of betting  enthusiasts like ourselves.

So, what about his performance against the Oakland Athletics? In the one game he's faced them this season Miller only allowed an impressive 2 hits in 6 innings pitched. This data point further cements my belief in his ability to keep the hits at bay and specifically, under the 4.5 line.

Now let's consider the opposition. The Athletics are off to a historically bad start and have had their struggles at the plate recently, ranking 30th in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS in the last 7 days. With such poor offensive performance, it's hard to see them suddenly turning it around against a pitcher like Miller, who has demonstrated his ability to limit hits consistently.

The data and trends analyzed point to a strong likelihood that Bryce Miller will continue his impressive run of limiting hits against the Oakland Athletics. Considering his season-long consistency and recent performances, I believe that the under 4.5 hits allowed is a solid pick.

Bryce Miller has proven time and time again that he's a force to be reckoned with on the mound. His consistent performances throughout the season, as well as his success against the struggling Athletics lineup, make the under 4.5 hits allowed an enticing pick for sports bettors looking to cash in on his success. An added bonus is getting it at +100 odds so it’s a great value pick! Let’s lock it in and cash out!

Pick: Bryce Miller Under 4.5 Hits Allowed (+100)