Aleksander Barkov is set to fire at least three shots on goal tonight against the Hurricanes, continuing his impressive home record and maintaining pressure in this crucial matchup. 

As the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes face off in another intense Eastern Conference Finals showdown, one player who's been at the heart of the action is Panthers' captain Aleksander Barkov. This Finnish forward has been a force to reckon with throughout the season, and tonight's game will be no exception. If you're looking to bet on an exciting player prop, Barkov's over 2.5 shots on goal might be the perfect wager to consider.

Barkov's home game stats are the stuff of legends, with the captain going over 2.5 shots on goal in a whopping 18 of his last 22 home games. He's been particularly ruthless against the Canes in this series, with both games witnessing Barkov surpassing the 2.5-shot mark. With a player as influential and skilled as Barkov, it's only natural to expect him to keep up the pressure and deliver three or more shots on goal tonight.

**Barkov over 2.5 shots on goal (-125)**

One thing to consider is Barkov's season stats. He's been averaging 3.05 shots on goal this season, with his home games seeing an even higher average of 3.62 shots per game. On the flip side, his road game average is a modest 2.5 shots on goal. But since tonight's game is at home, Barkov is expected to shine and deliver those crucial shots. This season, he has had more than 2.5 shots on goal in 46 games and less than 2.5 shots on goal in 36 games, further solidifying the likelihood of him going over the line tonight.

Recent trends also support the case for Barkov's over 2.5 shots on goal. Over the last 20 games, he's been averaging 2.95 shots per game and has gone over the 2.5-shot mark in 12 of those games. In the last 10 games, Barkov's average is 2.9 shots per game, with six games seeing him surpass the 2.5-shot benchmark. Over the last five games, Barkov's average has climbed to 3.2 shots per game, with four of those games featuring more than 2.5 shots on goal. While his performance has been slightly dipping over the last 10 games, the recent uptick in the last five games is a promising sign for Barkov fans and bettors.

Against Carolina specifically, Barkov has been a force to reckon with, averaging 3.8 shots on goal in five games. His performance against the Canes is further evidence of his ability to step up when it matters most, making him a solid pick for the over 2.5 shots on goal prop bet.

As the Panthers continue their quest for the Stanley Cup, you can bet that Barkov will be looking to make an impact in tonight's game against the Hurricanes. His impressive home game record, recent trends, and history against Carolina all point to a high likelihood of him going over 2.5 shots on goal. So, if you're looking for an exciting wager to place on tonight's matchup, keep your eyes on Barkov and get ready for a shot-fueled performance. Just remember there's no such thing as a "safe bet" or "guarantee" in the world of sports betting – but with Barkov's stats and trends backing him up, this prop bet is definitely worth considering.