Anthony Rizzo's hot streak combined with his history against Blue Jays' starter Jose Berrios make the over for Batting - Runs and RBIs a tantalizing pick for tonight's showdown. 

If you've been keeping an eye on the New York Yankees, you know that Anthony Rizzo has been on fire lately. The first baseman has shown a solid increase in his batting average this season, and his recent performance is nothing short of impressive. With the Yankees set to face the Toronto Blue Jays tonight, there's plenty of reason to believe Rizzo will continue his hot streak and help us cash in on the over for Hits, Runs and RBIs.

While the line for the over is set at +100, Rizzo's recent performance makes it hard to ignore the potential for a big night. Over his last ten games, Rizzo has been averaging 3.4 hits, runs and rbis. Rizzo's career batting average against the Blue Jays' starter Jose Berrios is a whopping .409, which certainly bodes well for his chances of putting up some solid numbers tonight.

While it's true that past performance doesn't always predict future results, it's hard to ignore the momentum Rizzo is carrying into this game. With his recent hot streak and a favorable matchup against Berrios, it's not unreasonable to expect a more than solid performance from the Yankees' first baseman.

There's always a degree of uncertainty when it comes to betting on sports, and we can't guarantee that Rizzo will hit the over for Batting - Runs and RBIs tonight. However, the combination of Rizzo's current form and his history against Berrios make this a compelling pick for those looking to ride the wave of Rizzo's recent success. With his recent performance and favorable matchup, we could be in for an exciting game that sees Rizzo continue to rake and help us secure a winning bet. Just remember, there's no such thing as a sure thing in sports betting, but this pick looks promising. Let's ride the Rizzo wave and see where it takes us tonight!

Official Play - Anthony Rizzo o1.5 Hits, Runs and RBI's (+100)

Written By Rosser Sports (@Rosser_Sports)