Tom Wilson's recent upward trend in shots on goal puts him in prime position to surpass the 2.5 line in the upcoming game between Montreal and Washington.

Hockey fans and bettors alike, it's time to pay attention to Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson as he faces the Montreal Canadiens. With a line of 2.5 shots on goal, there's a compelling case to be made for taking the over, and here's why.

First, let's dive into the numbers. Tom Wilson is averaging 2.29 shots on goal this season. While that may seem close to the line, it's important to note that he's been consistently improving throughout the year. At home, he's averaging 2.31 shots on goal, and on the road, he's averaging 2.27 shots on goal. This season, he has had more than 2.5 shots on goal in 12 games and less than 2.5 shots on goal in 16 games. But hold on, because it gets more interesting as we look at his recent performances.

Over the last 20 games, Wilson's average shots on goal have risen to 2.55, with more than 2.5 shots on goal in 11 of those games. Looking at the last 10 games, this trend continues as his average climbs to 2.9 shots on goal, with over 2.5 shots on goal in six games. But the real kicker is his performance in the last 5 games. Wilson is averaging a whopping 3.6 shots on goal, and has had more than 2.5 shots on goal in four of those games. It's clear that he's been stepping up his game lately and showing no signs of slowing down.

So, what does this mean for the upcoming matchup between Montreal and Washington? Simply put, Tom Wilson is on fire right now, and it's hard not to see him continuing this upward trend in shots on goal. With his recent performances indicating a steady increase in shots, he's a prime candidate to surpass the 2.5 line in this game.

But let's not just focus on Wilson's stats. The Capitals as a whole are performing well this season, and their offensive capabilities will undoubtedly give Wilson more opportunities for shots on goal. The more they can control the puck and put pressure on the Canadiens, the more chances Wilson will have to shoot and increase his chances of hitting that over 2.5 line.

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