LaMelo Ball has consistently made it over the 3.5 three points made line in his last 10 games, making him an intriguing option for fantasy sports enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the favorable Detroit matchup.

LaMelo Ball has been one of the most impressive rookies in the NBA this season, showing the skill to make it over the 3.5 three points made line. His total average is 3.94 three points made, with 4.44 when at home and 3.53 when on the road. He's had more than 3.5 three points made in 24 games this season, with 11 coming in below the line. Over the last 20 games, Ball is averaging 3.8 three points made per game, with 12 above the line. In the last 10 games, he's averaging 4.1 three points made, with 7 above the line. Particularly noteworthy, over the last 5 games, Ball is averaging 4.8 three points made, with 4 of those games above the line.

It appears that LaMelo Ball should have a strong showing against Detroit on Monday. The Pistons have the 23rd best defensive efficiency rating this season and have allowed their fewest points with 7,275. Two of Detroit's starting frontcourt players are also missing, providing more room for Ball to get his shots. In fact, in his last two games against Detroit, Ball is averaging 4.5 three points made.

The upward trend in Ball's three-point production also supports the idea of a successful night. Over the last 5 games, the rookie is averaging 4.8 three points made, which is a huge jump from the 4.1 three points made he was averaging 10 games ago. This indicates that Ball is continuing to get better and makes him a great option for fantasy sports enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the evidence suggests that LaMelo Ball should be able to make it over the 3.5 three points made line against Detroit. His consistent production, favorable matchup, and growing production all bode well for success. Fantasy sports enthusiasts should consider adding Ball to their rosters.