Penn State vs Rutgers

Pick: Andrew Funk over 12 PTS

Tipoff: 6:30 EST

Both Penn State and Rutgers have similar tendencies in shot selection, with the Penn State offense favoring perimeter shots and the Rutgers defense allowing more opportunities from behind the arc. In terms of shooting percentage, Penn State relies heavily on three-point shooting and has a strong overall field goal percentage, but especially excels in three-point shooting.

Rutgers boasts a strong interior defense that pressures opponents to shoot from outside. This could be a problem for Penn State’s leading scorer, Jalen Pickett, who may struggle against the Scarlet Knights' defense, who has an opponent two-point shooting percentage of 43.6%. I believe in this matchup; Penn State will need to look to other players such as Andrew Funk to score.

Andrew Funk presents a promising option for this game. He has consistently scored over 12 points in 7 of his last 10 games, and the Scarlet Knights' defense allows for many three-point opportunities.  Funk has a 39% three-point shooting percentage on the road and an average of 14.7 points per game away from home. I believe he is well-positioned to succeed in this situation, making this a promising bet. Additionally, he plays 38 minutes per game, ensuring he will be on the court for the majority of the game. I did consider some other props for this game as well, so I will put some honorable mentions below. 

Honorable Mentions:

Jalen Pickett under 16.5 PTS

Andrew Funk over 2.5 three-pointers

Seth Lundy over 12 PTS

Seth Lundy over 2.5 three-pointers

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