Pick 2: Dak Prescott interceptions over 0.5(-159)

Running it back this week with one of my failed picks from last week. I called Prescott to throw an int in the Cowboys wildcard game against the Bucs. Instead of repeating everything I mentioned last week, you can find that article and explanation here https://www.pine-sports.com/post/11036/lock-it-in-dallas-cowboys-v-tampa-bay-buccaneersnfl/

Even though it looked like a lock, I was dead wrong. Instead, Dak went HAM(shouldn't that be HAAMF?) in Tampa Bay.  He had arguably his best game as a pro with a 4/0 TD/INT line.  All of the and factors from last week remain.  Dak is outside again. He's on the road again. And now he's up against the best Defense in the league, who also led the regular season in INTs. Updated graph below to include his performance last week but, the line still looks good so I'm locking it in.