Pick #1: Devin Singletary rushing and receiving yards over 46.5(-110)

This line is all over the place but this(BetRivers) is the lowest one I've found so I jumped on it.  It was high as 55.5 on PointsBet so you've got a 9 yard window for a middling opportunity if you want to bet both the over and under. But, the numbers point to the over, at least with the line this low. Note, in the graph provided, the line is 49.5 so, odds are slight better than shown. 

Move the line down to 46.5 and you can change 3 of those blue bars to green and another is only a yard away. That also puts the hit rate up over 76%. Cincinnati isn't an overly stingy defense, coming in at 16th in the league in yards allowed, so I'm locking it in.

Update - I was able to use Explore(as opposed to search and analyze) to update the graph with the line at 46.5.