Pick 5: AJ Brown's longest reception over 25.5(-110)

Brown has just abused this line all year, only missing it in five out of 17 games this season.  With defenses having to respect the Eagles run game, Brown regularly gets loose down field or breaks one tackle and is off to the races.  He's had long catches of 78, 68, and 54 in three different starts and had eight other games with bombs in the 30s and 40s.  The 12th time he went over the line this season was on a 29 yard catch.  He hits 70% of the time, including both games against the Giants earlier this year.  He logged long catches of 33 and 38 yard in his two games against Big Blue.  New York is a middle of the pack passing defense, coming in at 15th in passing yards allowed.  They haven't been able to stop Brown from making a big catch yet this year and I don't expect them to start now.  If anything, if the Giants offense is clicking like it was in Wild Card Weekend, it'll give Philly more opportunities(and reason) to air it out.  Lock it in.